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100 First Aid Medical Ambulances to Ukraine project

“Free Ukraine” initiated ambitious project to supply 100 equipped ambulances as the First Aid Help to central, eastern and southern parts of Ukraine.
The “100 First Aid Medical Ambulances to Ukraine” project started immediately after 24th of February 2022 following the tragic war events happening in Ukraine. With the support of many charitable and volunteer organizations “Free Ukraine” completed already two convoys for 39 equipped ambulance cars !
Currently our team is working on the delivery of 3rd and 4th convoys.

Please join us in helping the civilian population of Ukraine to save their lives.

Support this project and Donate !

1st convoy :  7th-15th March 2022

23 ambulances were delivered to Kyiv (7), Kharkiv (5),  Sumy (8), Boyarka (1),  Vinnytsia (1) and Ivano-Frankivsk (1) with the involvement of “Humanitarian Association of Ambulance Drivers” of France and “Ambulance Anti War Convoy” association. Logistical part in Ukraine was supported by “Dobrovos” Association and “Teple Misto” Association.

We are proud that first convoy was supported and financed by our partners – the charitable association “DETI” in cooperation with Geneva branch of the Society of Ukrainians in Switzerland.

2nd convoy :  21th-28th March 2022

16 ambulances were delivered to Eastern part of Ukraine in priority to Mariupol, Volnovakha, Luhansk and Mykolaiv regions.

We are proud that second convoy was supported and financed by Association “United Help Ukraine” and “Initiative E+”.

Національна система медицини катастроф України отримає 100 унікальних позашляховиків

Free Ukraine в рамках своєї гуманітарної ініціативи з розбудови національної системи медицини катастроф передала Україні 30 із 100 нових евакуаційних автомобілів на базі позашляховиків Toyota

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Rally with THMK in Geneva

Free Ukraine together with “Geneva Branch of Ukrainian Society in Switzerland“, “Association DETI” and Ukrainian rock-band TNMK organise the meeting to support Ukraine in the

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