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What is Free Ukraine all about

The Association “Free Ukraine” was founded in 2014 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a non-profit organization that brings together members of the Ukrainian diaspora, but also people of other nationalities that want to support Ukraine.

In order to raise funds, the Association “Free Ukraine” regularly organizes cultural charity events (Christmas sale, Easter sale, gala evenings etc.) that allow meeting multiple objectives: discover authentic Ukrainian culture and help financing charity projects.

All members of the Association “Free Ukraine” are volunteers and do not receive any salary. However, sharing knowledge and skills of all of the participants optimizes joint efforts and makes work more constructive.

Impact & Values

What makes us different?


Everything we do is transparent and we fight corruption to ensure any efforts is going to the right people.


We are independent, neutral and against any form of influence that distracts us from our mission.

Support since 2014

We developed bridges and expertise on how to better bring support to Ukraine through various activities.



Ganna Lysenko

Kristiana Ivchenko

Serge Lungu

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We helped to raise and allocate to projects more than $2.5m since February 2022