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Two radiographic rooms were delivered to Zaporizhia

It came true! With great pleasure we would like to announce the delivery of the medical equipment in Ukraine.

Thanks to many people, and particularly to Mr. Cedric L., two X-Ray radiographic systems “Philips Diagnost 20 Tube Comet” and “Philips Bucky Diagnost” were dismantled, delivered to Ukraine and successfully passed the customs clearance. These devices were kindly donated by the hospital in Nyon and by the medical office in Lausanne.

Destination: Regional Child’ Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in Zaporizhia.

We hope that the last stage – installation and commissioning of these high-quality systems will not delay and enable doctors to diagnose diseases and to give a chance to patients for faster recovery. Along with the equipment, the hospital and the Centre have received medical furniture for offices, strollers and toys for children.

We thank very much everyone for their help and support at every stage of this project: the German volunteers for disassembly, the Nyonnais for translation of guide documents, the inhabitants of Lausanne and Zaporizhia for logistics, as well as members of the ACRU association. We especially thank to Patrice R. and Philippe B., representatives of Philips and Nyon’ clinic, for their substantial assistance in dismantling and transportation of this extremely complex equipment, parts of which weighed 300-500 kg.

Thank you to all who contributed to great success: Anna L., Alex and Olena, Arthur S., Oleksandr N., Ruslan H., Emmanuel G., Ihor R., Frank L., Volodymyr M., Kristiana I., Arno S., Oleg, as well as  Vasyl’ and Nina, drivers of Volunteer Association from Zaporizhia.

We warmly thank to Anna L. for inspiration, organisation and management of this charitable mission. Thanks to her enthusiasm we are very proud to add this success to the story of our Association. And, of course, we looking forward to further work in this direction !

Together we made it!

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