If you are in Geneva, please contact the following institutions for helping you in accommodations for Ukrainian families:

For emergency accommodation, please contact l’Armée du Salut (+41 77 924 51 60) Rue Verdaine 7 1204 Genève.

You can also contact Le Caré.

EVAM is the official body in charge of welcoming Ukrainian families in need due to the conflict.

If you need material help, you must register to SPOP.

If you are a host, you can get a forfait according to EVAM norms by contacting:

If you lost your accommodation please contact EVAM.

If you desire to host an Ukrainian family, please contact:

You will have to engage yourself for 6 months and be as close as possible to buses or train stations.

If you can put at disposal an existing room, appartment or house, please contact EVAM placement department:

Accomodation for Ukrainian families in Switzerland

Several organisations are working together to offer help and accommodations guidance to both Swiss residents and Ukrainian families. For any questions please contact the hotline. If you need the help of a Free Ukraine volunteer, please e-mail us.