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Transparency & Independence

Free Ukraine is a non-governmental, independent association made by Ukrainians and Swiss citizens to support Ukraine during this dark time of our history.

Bank transfer

If you don’t want to use TWINT, you can use classical wire transfers to our Bank account at the Swiss Post.
Please make sure to mention your First Name / Last Name.

ACCOUNT HOLDER:         Free Ukraine
ACCOUNT HOLDER ADDRESS: Rue Etienne-Dumont, 16 
                        1204 Geneva, Switzerland
BANK:    Post Finance
COUNTRY: Switzerland
IBAN:    CH61 0900 0000 1453 7343 3
ACCOUNT: 14-537343-3

Help us build resilience for Ukraine

The conflict on the East of Ukraine completely devastated a part of the country: thousands of people had to quit their homes, while some lost everything. Families left without any source of income, without housing or help. Unemployment, refugee camps, small allowances that barely allow living through the day… That is a common life for a lot of them. Now it is our duty to show solidarity with those, who face harsh reality day after day.

Where your donation is making a difference

WHERE MOST NEEDED – The needs of people are ever-changing and as such, we will apply your donation where it is needed the most especially in healthcare and family support (food, shelter, medicines).

REFUGEES – We will prioritize funding for families seeking refuge in Switzerland and supporting them during their transit or stay.

SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL – Providing a platform for caring, talking and emotionally connecting with people affected by the conflict.