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“Free Ukraine” members participated in “Generation Maidan: A Year of Revolution and War”


Andriy Tkach with Babylon’13 presents a documentary “Generation Maidan: A Year of Revolution and War”.
The discussion will follow immediately afterwards at Human Rights Film Festival in Geneva (FIFDH) at the theatre Pitoëff.

Participants: Maria Tomak from Euromaidan SOS Kyiv with the latest news from Ukraine.
Yuri Gruzinov, a Russian journalist, one of the principal cameramen during the revolution, he was wounded during the protests and filmed the death of Serhiy Nigoyan. Yuri has just returned from Mariupol where he helped in production of the newest film from Babylon’13 on the sacrifices of Ukrainian military men there. He was a hostage of pro Russian militias in Crimea and was released after a campaign organized on his freedom support.


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