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Market in Nyon

In December 2014, the Association “Free Ukraine” presented its Ukrainian stand as a part of the Nyon Secondhand Sale.

The program included:
–    typical Ukrainian dishes carefully prepared by members of the Association
–    traditional Ukrainian music
–    clothing and antiquities sale
–    and obviously good humor and great vibes that can always be found within the Association “Free Ukraine”.
Once again “Free Ukraine” did an exceptional job showing that solidarity is a power like no other!

All funds raised were used to fund charitable projects that you can find under the “Projects” tab.

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Національна система медицини катастроф України отримає 100 унікальних позашляховиків

Free Ukraine в рамках своєї гуманітарної ініціативи з розбудови національної системи медицини катастроф передала Україні 30 із 100 нових евакуаційних автомобілів на базі позашляховиків Toyota

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Rally with THMK in Geneva

Free Ukraine together with “Geneva Branch of Ukrainian Society in Switzerland“, “Association DETI” and Ukrainian rock-band TNMK organise the meeting to support Ukraine in the

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