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Wounded soldiers received an Easter gifts from Switzerland

Dear Friends,

After our participation in the Easter market, the sale of the Easter breads (pasky), and thanks to your charity donations we have completed all the planned projects :

– 700 chf were donated to the project of Bioengineering Rehabilitation for Wounded soldiers

– 700 chf were donated to support the medical treatment of Hrystyna Stradomska via “Kryla Nadii” Fundation 

– 500 euro were sent to Koziatyn Central District Hospital (Vinnytska oblast’) for the purchase of medical equipment. This is a project of our partnering organization “Geneva branch of Swiss Ukrainian Society” coordinated by Inna Ahtyrska.

Національна система медицини катастроф України отримає 100 унікальних позашляховиків

Free Ukraine в рамках своєї гуманітарної ініціативи з розбудови національної системи медицини катастроф передала Україні 30 із 100 нових евакуаційних автомобілів на базі позашляховиків Toyota

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Rally with THMK in Geneva

Free Ukraine together with “Geneva Branch of Ukrainian Society in Switzerland“, “Association DETI” and Ukrainian rock-band TNMK organise the meeting to support Ukraine in the

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