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A Better Future for
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Ongoing projects:

The Association “Free Ukraine” is committed to actively support families of victims perished in war in Ukraine: clothes, shoes, toys for children, blankets and essential items – everything counts!

We help people who lost members of their families during battles in Ukraine and those who were gravely wounded.


Family support

Since long time Ukraine did not see such numbers of victims and injured: men, women, children, elder… None spared by the war. The suffering and pain touched everybody without any distinction. Clinics and rehabilitation centers can neither absorb all demands nor treat them with relevant care. Unable to obtain access to necessary medicine and surgery, people remain handicapped for life, knowing that their lives will never be the same.

The health domain in Ukraine is currently going through a non-typical crisis. This is why the Association “Free Ukraine” regularly helps Ukrainian hospital in purchasing materials and medicaments. Certain products are furnished from Europe, while some can be bought locally.


Healthcare & medicines

The Association “Free Ukraine” supports several Ukrainian orphanages by helping them meet their needs and solve their “everyday problems”. Obviously, we cannot redo their childhood, but we can still give them an opportunity to feel loved, cherished, supported and comforted. Let us not forget that each every child has a right to be Happy, and it is up to us to contribute to its happiness. It is the nature of aid: candies, dresses or organized trips – the essence is to demonstrate that we are not indifferent.


Orphanages and schools in Ukraine

Be the hope
for one child