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Ukraine is facing Russia’s full-scale invasion and Ukrainian people need help now more than ever.

Free Ukraine is a Swiss non-profit organization established since 2014 and based in Geneva, Switzerland. Our volunteers are involved in humanitarian projects in order to contribute to the support and recovery of Ukraine.

Thanks to the solidarity and investments from all of us, we hope to make an impact on its path to the democracy, liberty and prosperity.

Help us to

Support people in Ukraine and refugees in Switzerland

So many families are suffering from one of the most unprecedented conflicts in Europe. 

What we do

  • Help and support refugees and families of victims of the war in Ukraine
  • Help and support Ukrainians in Switzerland in their integration into Swiss community
Help and support hospitals in Ukraine.

Promote Ukrainian culture in Switzerland.

Support of Ukrainian school in Switzerland.

Help and support orphanages and schools in Ukraine.


Helping people in and from Ukraine live in a peaceful and safe environment

get involved

You have an idea to help?

We are always looking for ideas to support Ukraine and for more people. If you have a project, a partnership or to join us, please write to us.


Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire

6:00 pm

Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire

6:00 pm

Gala of Hope in Zurich for the benefit of children traumatized by hostilities in Eastern Ukraine

18:00 pm

Independence Day in Lausanne

10:00 am


“The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.”

Albert Einstein

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